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Anthropology on the World Wide Web
Use the search form above to find links and references for anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, psychology, sociology and other social sciences. The Anthro.Net database contains thousands of reviewed web sites and bibliographic references.


wide public access and a unified search of the government’s vast stores of scientific and technical information. is an interagency initiative of 17 U.S. government science organizations within 12 Federal agencies. These agencies form the Alliance. Visitors to the site can search across Alliance agency resources via one query.

PS: I hocked up with Google so the search results are faster and more accurate. Learn how to make Google search your site


Here's your opportunity to learn more about NASA as an agency. Explore the many facets of NASA, from our administration and leadership, to our mission and vision for the future, to business, research and career opportunities.NASA offices and field centers offer a wide variety of opportunities for researchers to join the NASA team. Whether supporting graduate students and funding science investigations for missions to other planets, NASA encourages all interested researchers to take advantage of these opportunities.


CiteSeer is a computer science research search engine with a number of unique capabilities, including citation indexing, links to related and similar documents, bibliographic coupling and collaborative filtering.

5) Scirus
Scirus combines a targeted crawler from FAST that focuses only on web sites with scientific content, with Elsevier's massive scientific information resources drawn from thousands of journals and books.


The Web Site of the National Geographic Society exploration, field science, conservation, and learning about our world.


The Library of Congress Online Catalog
The Library's main online catalog, containing 12 million bibliographic records for books, serials, manuscripts, music, and more.


Daypop indexes over 59000 of the best weblogs on the net every day.


This free online version of the Encarta Encyclopedia includes articles, multimedia items, and other features.

No word is too obscure: More than 5 million words in more than 900 online dictionaries are indexed by the OneLook® search engine

11) is the highest-trafficked legal Web site, providing the most comprehensive set of legal resources on the Internet for legal professionals, businesses, students and individuals.




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