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 uses those search engines 

1) Google News
The most sophisticated news search on the web, Google news search shows the publisher and the exact time when the news was posted. Google news search brings the top news from  New York Times, CNN, ABC, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Reuters, Cincinnati Post, Detroit Free Press, Swissinfo, Economic Times, Sun Network,, Newsday, Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Athens News, Cincinnati Enquirer, Christian Science Monitor, Sydney Morning Herald, Pioneer Press, etc.

2) Yahoo News
Yahoo news search is also very good  news finder, similar to Google, but uses different sources, also displays the time when the news was published, however in my opinion Google is more user friendly.

3) CNN News
About CNN News Group
CNN, division of Broadcasting System, Inc., an AOL Time Warner company, is one of the world's most respected and trusted sources for news and information.  15 Web sites, including, the first major news and information Web site.

PS: in the time I created this site the CNN site had a pop up ads on their site, I don't understand why site with such a good name is destroying its popularity by pop ups ads, pop ups are almost prohibited nowadays (2003)

4) BBC News
On this site you will find the BBC's publication scheme which includes details of the information the BBC will make routinely available under the Freedom of Information Act.

5) CBS News
The CBS News Division operates a worldwide news organization serving the CBS Television and Radio Networks with regularly scheduled news and public affairs broadcasts.  The division maintains 18 news bureaus and offices in the United States and abroad in addition to its world headquarters in New York.

6) Washington post
washingtonpost is an award-winning news, information and entertainment resource on the World Wide Web. The site offers the day's Washington Post, breaking news coverage and extensive original news content.

PS: in the time I created this site the washingtonpost site had a pop up ads on their site, I don't understand why site with such a good name is destroying its popularity by pop ups ads. (2003)

7) ABC News

ABC news is very popular source of news, "World News Tonight with Peter Jennings," "Nightline," "Good Morning America," "20/20," "Primetime Thursday," "This Week," and "World News Now" are among the award-winning programs broadcast on the ABC Television Network.  ABC News also informs millions of people through ABC Radio, NewsOne. ABC is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company., established in 1997, is the 24-hour news service of ABC News.

8) Webcrawler News
You can find the most current news information from anywhere in the world with the WebCrawler News search.

9) New York Times
The New York Times is an internationally influential daily newspaper published in New York City, New York, and distributed worldwide. Nicknamed "The Gray Lady" or The Times, the newspaper was founded as The New-York Daily Times in 1851 by Henry J. Raymond and George Jones as a sober alternative to the more partisan newspapers that dominated the New York journalism of the time.

10) All The Web
Another excellent search engine with a wide coverage. Use this when you are searching the Web for something very specific or for up to date news.

11) MSN News
Microsoft has opened the doors to its Microsoft Network News service on the Web. Previously available only through the proprietary MSN online service, MSN News is part of the company's stated goal of migrating the network entirely to the Web.

MSN News search brings the top news from MSNBC, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN, USA Today, Wired News, Chicago Tribune, CBS News, etc.

!!! Buzzflash News
I personally like the political news from Buzzflash.
Very popular political news portal, every undecided voter should look on some Buzzflash articles. please know that currently Buzzflash does not have search engine on its site so I have connected Google to search their site, from news research center.



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