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Kazaa from will easily help you download free music, free audio, free video, free images, and free MP3s? This free program offers a feature-packed peer-to-peer file-sharing application that's the best one these days.  Kazaa will display banners and popup advertisement. Download This is free program that removes all ad ware from Kazaa


Altavista is good audio search engine, if you don't want to install Kazaa, use AltaVista. kazaa will have much better results, but AltaVista will not install ad software on your commuter, in fact don't use ads at all. (where do they get the money from?)


Lycos is good engine for searching MP3 on the web.  Lycos makes money by advertising, so there is a lot of ads and popups.

3) is the best MP3 and audio search engine , better than AltaVista.


Is also one of the best MP3 search engines.  At the time of adding this search engine to the was penalized by Googe and it was little hard to find this engine.


another good mp3 search engine


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