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About Absolute Research Center is free and fast research tool designed by MIRO HVEZDA (originally I designed this research tool for my self to save the time researching, later I decided to share my research center with others). PremiumFinder was especially designed for maximum research capability with fast and easy to use environment. No other research center or research tool comes even close to the capability and usability of PremiumFinder. The design and scripts are copyrighted 2002-2004 by MIRO HVEZDA at

There are hundreds of search engines on the internet; each of them is unique and special in some way; some search engines are only targeting one topic of information. (For example is unique search engine targeting only UFO, Paranormal and Magic topics). puts all the top and unique search engines together and makes it possible for everyone to do any kind of research with fast and professional results. There are new search engines added every month in to premium finder database; if you want to suggest new search engine or information site, please send report. Only quality or unique search engines, or sites, will be added to PremiumFinder database. In some cases PremiumFinder uses Google to search sites with no site search or sites with bad and slow site search. Google makes it possible for everyone to add free site search to their site.
If you want free Google site search on your site to search your site see: how to add Google search on my site.



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